Turbo Equi Braid

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Heavy duty, rope like material for easy handling and greater visibility. Features unique 3/16" braided construction for long life. Contains nine strands of highly conductive mixed-metal filaments to ensure power is carried over long distances. Excellent product for horses.

Reliable, cost effective wire for controlling animals behind shorter portable electric fences.


  • Heavy duty braid with mixed metals (x6 stainless steel and x3 copper strands) designed not to overstretch or tangle so it's also easy to handle.
  • Superior shock delivery with 19x conductivity of standard poly wire.
  • Ideal for controlling all animals using portable and semi-permanent electric fences over 200m.
  • A safe and highly visible product so also recommended for semi-permanent horse fencing.
  • Stripes discourage animals from challenging the fence.
  • Made from hard wearing UV resistant materials.