Live Fence Indicator

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Know Your Fence is Working!

For instant reassurance that your fence is working. Place permanently on your fence line and simply look for the flash (flashes with each pulse of the Energizer) when you pass by. No batteries required.

To setup, clip onto the fence wire and push the lead into the ground. If the voltage drops below 3000V, the Live Fence Indicator starts to flash intermittently and if the voltage drops below 2000V, the Live Fence Indicator will stop flashing altogether.

  • Install at strategic locations for convenient visibility including driveways and near the home.
  • Highly visible LED flashes to indicate fence is working effectively. Is easily visible during day and night (up to 3,000' at night).
  • Low voltage cut off so will not flash if the fence voltage is too low.
  • Quick and easy installation, simply place ground rod in the ground and clip onto fence wire or tape.
  • Water and UV resistant for long life.
  • No batteries required. Uses power from the fence.