10' Cow Life Cattle Rub



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PH White Cow Life-Cattle Rubs control for the whole season that also prevents resistant flies. Also, leave rubs up and get great lice control. Cow Life-Cattle Rubs are easy, effective, and economical option for fly control. No worries, your cattle wil be bright eye and no flies! Cow Life-Cattle Rubs are stress free and injury free no matter where you hang them.

Cow Life-Cattle Rubs have been proven on millions of cattle all over the world and it always works. Easy to change or add insecticide to control and prevent resistant flies.

10' rub is constructed of orlon, polyester and acrylic. Will not rot. Strong polypropylene rope runs through core of entire rub and at each end for hanging. Has breaking strength of 2700 lbs.

In a recent Progressive Farmer Brand Awareness Study, producers were asked to rank 5 methods of fly control as to Dependability, Economy,Ease on Cattle and Ease on Cowboys. They ranked Cow Life-Cattle RubNumber 1 in every category!